Kroužky a Proužky is a Kavárna Maluj project that aims to organizing the best creative activities for children and their parents mostly but not only in Kavárna Maluj shop. 

Our main activities:

  • art workshops at your venue or in Kavárna Maluj shop.
  • creative events for school and other organisations
  • birthday parties in Kavárna Maluj shop or at custom venues
  • daily summer camps for kids

For more information please feel free to contact us at info@krouzkyaprouzky.cz. 


Kroužky, výtvarné dílny, příměstské tábory, animační programy IČO: 053 76 602

č.ú.: 2901073484/2010
+420 774 625 011 info@krouzkyaprouzky.cz